Pape residents await road completion

Watermain replacement causes issues for commuters and businesses

Delays to the completion of Pape Avenue have residents and business owners wondering when the construction will finish.

When the watermain replacement was announced in February, the City of Toronto said it would be complete by September.

But with barricades, pylons, and fences still scattered across the avenue, the expected date has been moved to October, with those in the area believing that the work will take even longer.

For Sabrina Gilmour, a resident and travel agent for Travel Mart, the construction of the road has become a hindrance for her and her family during their daily commute.

“I don’t mind it but it has placed a burden on my grandmother,” Gilmour said about commuting in the area while its under construction.

“It’s not easy for her to have to walk these extra blocks. However, I know the end result will be good, and I hope we see it soon”.

Construction materials and barricades have blocked the way so that the road stays untouched.

This has caused problems for the local businesses, as the obstruction makes it difficult for people looking for these establishments.

Gilmour said her clients are having trouble finding her travel agency.

“Many of my clients are older people who don’t speak the best english,” Gilmour said. “It just puts a strain on them when it comes to making their way here in addition to asking for help”.

As the local residents wait, they can only hope for the completion date to be met on time.

The change of the watermain is supposed to be beneficial to those in the area, as the new pipe foundation should lower the the risk of lead poisoning.

For more about the watermain changes, see a story reported earlier in the year by the Toronto Observer.

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Posted: Sep 14 2019 12:14 pm
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