Coach Moore feels optimistic about Marlies’ results so far

Toronto bench boss eager to face Laval Rocket

Toronto Marlies celebrate scoring a goal at the bench
Coach Greg Moore checks his notes while his Toronto Marlies celebrate a goal in a recent game. A 6-6 start in tough circumstances has left him satisfied but looking for more. Courtesy Toronto Marlies

Greg Moore has decided to look at the positives when reflecting on the American Hockey League season thus far.

The Toronto Marlies have just come off of two straight losses, are currently in third place out of the five teams in the Canadian Division, and hold a record of 6-6.

Despite the recent defeats, the head coach is now focused on his series against the Laval Rocket.

“They’re definitely going to be a strong opponent and we have to be ready for them in a lot of areas” said Moore, during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. “Hopefully we can come out in the first period against them and make it challenging and make it difficult.

“We know they are a good opponent, and it’s going to be a great test to see where we’re at in the season so far”

Even with the series against the Rocket on the horizon, it is hard to ignore the unique situation that the Covid-19 pandemic has put the team in.

Of the 12 games the Marlies have played, they have only faced two opponents – the Manitoba Moose and the Stockton Heat. Toronto started the season on the road, playing the Moose (In Winnipeg) and Heat (in Calgary) four times each.

When the Marlies returned to Ontario for their first games at home, they again battled both the Moose and Heat in back-to-back contests.

The lack of variety did not bother the coach.

“Even though it’s been just two teams, I wouldn’t say you can get into a rut.” said the Marlies bench boss. “It’s actually a bit more challenging just from the standpoint that you’ve learned each other so well.

“It’s so detailed that you’re making the adjustments, and then you’re adjusting to their adjustments, and they’re adjusting to the adjustments that you make on their adjustments. It’s a little bit of cat and mouse.”

No matter who it is they come up against, and what challenges they may face, the former NHLer is happy with the way his team has performed so far. “We have a group of young people, who just have really good morals, get along really well, and connect socially.” said Moore. “It’s a pleasure to work with them every day.”

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Posted: Mar 12 2021 2:35 pm
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