Dennis Thiessen, at 61, eager to don Team Canada’s colours at 2026 Paralympics

Manitoba curler picked up 3rd medal, at Beijing 2022

Dennis Thiesen curler
Dennis Thiessen is a three-time medalist in curling who is looking towards a fourth in 2026. (Courtesy  

Wheelchair curler Dennis Thiessen is already aiming to represent Team Canada again at the 2026 Paralympics.

The Manitoba native, who turns 61 next month, won his third Paralympic medal at Beijing two weeks ago when Canada defeated Slovakia to win bronze.

Thiessen isn’t deterred by his age and is ready to work hard to return to Team Canada for the next Paralympics at Italy.

“I’m going to work my ass off and I really hope that I’m going to be there,” he said, on a video call. “The way I feel right now, there’s no reason why I couldn’t be (at Italy).”

Since he has just returned from Beijing, Thiessen will have a much-deserved rest period now, but it’s strictly business after that.

“(Will) start by taking couple weeks off and (then) going to the gym and getting physically fit and staying fit,” he said.

Dennis Thiessen won a bronze medal at Beijing in the Paralympics. It was his third medal over three Games. (Courtesy

Thiessen, who first represented Team Canada almost a decade ago, has already been inducted into the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame, which left him pleasantly surprised.

“I was never expecting it,” he said. “And it’s such an honor. People dream of being in there and for me to accomplish that is absolutely amazing.”

After losing his leg at the age of 17 in a farming accident, it was only until he was 43 when he began his journey with curling back in 2005.

“A friend asked me if I wanted to come try a wheelchair curling and I had never heard of it before,” he said. “And when I went out to the rink and tried it, I just fell in love with it.”

Despite his unfamiliarity with the sport, Thiessen’s determination right from the start helped him to accomplish his goals.

“I asked a lot of questions about how do I get to the top,” he said. “And I worked my butt off to do that. And here I am.”

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