East York opens its first golf simulator business

GamerGolf has been running for 4 weeks and is gaining momentum

Gamer Golf on O'Connor Drive
Front view of the GamerGolf business on O'Connor Drive is the east end's first golf simulator. (Courtesy of @Gamergolf1) 

The east end’s first golf simulator opened March 5 after a year of planning and development.

Andrew Scott says he launched Gamer Golf on O’Connor Drive when he realized East York had no golf simulators at the time.

As an avid golfer he had attended a number of ranges in Markham but after they shut down due to land development he visited a golf simulator and was impressed.

“I saw a demand [in golfing simulators] and the one in Markham was always booked solid,” he said. “So after investigating East York and the East End to see if they had them, I decided to make one.”

Inside a hitting room. (Courtesy of @Gamergolf1

Inside Gamer Golf

Gamer Golf is a full-service golf facility that has 10 hitting rooms that can each hold up to four people. They also provide snacks and beverages and Scott says he is in the process of getting his liquor licence.

Rates are $20 per hour from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and $25 per hour on evenings and weekends.

Clubs and golf balls are provided in the rooms and players of all skill levels can come in to play.

Players who wish to master the sport of golf are partnered with Brendon Allman who is a professional golfer, part of the PGA of Canada. Lessons are available.

Brendon Allman at Gamer Golf one week prior to opening. (Courtesy of @Gamergolf1)

How the simulator works

There is a large screen that shows the virtual golf course where you will swing the hit the ball at and it will read the impact as if you were on a live field.

“Essentially, you would swing your club on a tee [where the golf ball is] and hit into an impact screen where the high-end sensor will read what you hit,” Scott said. “It will read all the data on where the ball hit on the screen and relay the data onto the virtual golf course.”

Gamer Golf has been open for four weeks and the business has been gaining traction. Scott hopes to add tournaments, hire employees and eventually make a second facility in Toronto.

Plans for the future

Ryan Ram, who played a few rounds at Gamer Golf was thrilled with his experience.

“This place is AMAZING. A key place for golfers and non-golfers alike. Stands out as a fun late-night activity, date or place to hang with friends,” Ram said in a review. “We could use more open and welcoming places like this. The owner is super friendly and welcoming and even gave me some beginner tips. Really appreciated the hospitality and good times.”

Anyone can attend regardless of skill level and does not need to supply their own clubs. For additional information, you can visit the Gamer Golf website.

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