Miami native Doskow found home with Spartans

Infielder will finish season with Spartans looking for title

E.J Doskow, Tampa Spartans
E.J Doskow first baseman of the Tampa Spartans hopes to win the national championship with the team this season. (Photo by Lisa Amaral/Toronto Observer) 

TAMPA, Fla – University of Tampa’s E.J. Doskow has found a home with the Spartans after jumping from school to school in his post-secondary journey. 

Doskow, a Miami native, attended Stetson University, Palm Beach State College, and Valdosta State University, before finding a place with the NCAA Division II powerhouse.  

After having a great 2022 season with Valdosta, and winning the Gulf South Conference Player of the Year award, the first baseman made contact with coach Joe Urso.  

“It was a surprise phone call,” said Urso, to reporters in the dugout before practice. “But you know, he’s filled the middle line up, leading our team at home runs and has played great at first base for us.” 

The transitions for each school differed and not all were as pleasant as others.

E.J Doskow at first base during the Tampa Spartans practice.
E.J Doskow of the Tampa Spartans at practice on Tuesday March 21, 2023 at the Spartans arena. (Photo by Lisa Amaral/Toronto Observer)

“Honestly, at first when I was at State University I transferred to (junior college).  It was tough because I knew nobody and I was just by myself,” said Doskow. “Just finally going to the practice and the guys being there it felt like the first day of school.” 

When Doskow, 22, joined the Spartans his experience was different and he knew he would stick around for a longer time. 

“Here honestly, was the complete opposite. First day I got here, one of the guys hit me up and they called me and said ‘Hey man let’s go get dinner’,” said Doskow. “I was like ‘Oh all right, let’s go get dinner. It was helpful and yeah it was so different.” 

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