Ball Talk: Special guest Mete Makarnaci

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"I'm not really a big fan of it," Mete Makarnaci on the new NBA in-season tournament. 

Raptors Republic writer Mete Makarnaci joins Ball Talk to discuss the new additions to the NBA this year, including the new in-season tournament, in-game changes to flopping calls and coach’s challenges, and the new policy on resting star players.


0:37 – 2:51 Discussing the NBA’s new in-season tournament

3:20 – 4:57 How stricter flopping calls will affect the game

5:40 – 8:35 What a second coach’s challenge will mean for teams

9:16 – 10:04 The new policy on resting star players and how that affects them

10:15 – 11:30 Damian Lillard to Milwaukee reaction

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Posted: Sep 29 2023 2:06 pm
Filed under: Basketball Sports