Malvern Town Centre gets reprieve, closure delayed

Confusion about the future of the mall has drastically changed traffic flow

People shopping around Malvern Town Centre.
People shopping around Malvern Town Centre.(Arin De Castro/TorontoObserver) 

The closure of Malvern Town Centre is being delayed after what some media have called the mallpocalypse of 2022.

The Malvern shopping centre was one of many malls to be demolished and renovated alongside Yorkgate Mall, Centrepoint mall, Agincourt and many more.

Many residents within the Malvern community have been left with confusion about the future of the shopping centre, due to a rumour that has been affecting businesses within the mall.

The rumour surrounding the centre was that it would close down at the end of last year. However, the city has yet to give permission to real estate developer Davpart Inc., to demolish the centre.

First phase of rebuilding plan

Davpart had a 10-phase plan to build a new community but has made little progress. According to its website, Magical Malvern, Davpart is still in the first phase of its plan.

This means the mall shall remain open for a few more years.

The plan does include a new retail area but it would not be open for a decade or even longer.

“I’ve lived in the Malvern area for over 13 years and I was seeing on the internet that the town centre will be shut down and replaced with condominiums,” local resident Marlorn Edquila said.

However, store owner Chandana Benjamin said that it’s only a rumour.

“To my knowledge and the information given to me, it’s all a rumour,” she said. “The management requested the city for permission to break down the mall and build condos but the city hasn’t approved.”

Proposed Malvern Community by Davpart inc.
The developer is in the first phase of building according to its Malvern Community Plan. (Davport inc.)

Benjamin notes the rumours have affected the amount of business within the mall. Some of her customers return after a long time and are surprised her store is still running, she said.

To bring customers back, she is marketing on social media now more than ever, in hopes to revert to the levels of business before the announcement in 2022.

Benjamin says the rumours started spreading once the announcement from Davport was made about ‘Magical Malvern’ plan.

Community caught off guard

Malvern Town Centre is a big staple within the community. The mall offers many different clothing stores, restaurants, supermarkets and fitness centre.

The initial reaction of the rumours rumours caught the community off guard and some even emotional.

“I was really sad, I’ve alway gone to the mall, my brother used to go to the school beside it,” Edquila said. “We always went after his basketball games and I would go there a lot with my friends and it was like all my memories can no longer be revisited.”

Edquila says losing the town centre is impactful as many rely on the town centre to get or fulfill their needs.

Construction is taking place at the location but has only affected the front parking lot of the mall. The local McDonald’s has been demolished and will be building two condos in its place.

Malvern Town Centre itself will remain open with no timetable of any future closure and may even see new stores opening.

Davpart still plans to demolish the town centre but will create a new retail area in its place as part of their 10-phase plan.

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Posted: Oct 14 2023 2:37 pm
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