Sports in the 6ix with Zeno Fu: Special guest Zach Worden

Zach Worden pic
"The talk has been that it was not a good decision," Zach Worden on the untimely end to the Blue Jays' season. 

Zach Worden, associate editor at Sportsnet, joins the podcast to discuss the Blue Jays’ offseason, some big decisions to be made, and the future of the team.


1:01 – 4:38 Thoughts on Jays pulling Berrios early and the impact on the team

5:20 – 7:58 Reaction to Toronto’s front office running it back

8:25 – 9:54 Potential offseason moves

10:43 – 12:40 The pressure on the Jays to start winning in the postseason

13:04 – 13:59 Ohtani to Toronto?

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Posted: Oct 14 2023 3:01 am
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