Madame Web holds great significance for female representation

All genders need representation and role models

Female heroines in comics
Female protagonist comic books displayed at Atomic Age. (Natalie Budhu/ Toronto Observer) 

Representation is important in all mediums. It’s crucial for audiences to see a character on the big screen that is relatable and looks like them. Fictional characters are influential in this regard. Sony Pictures’ film, Madame Web is the newest character to take up the mantle. Madame Web was filmed at several Massachusetts locations and was first confirmed in 2019 but did not start filming until July 2022.

Dylan Raider- Gingrich is an employee at Atomic Age Comics located at 497 Pape Ave. He says, “People need to be able to see themselves in films and have someone they can attach themselves to and relate to.”

Atomic Age comic book store
Atomic Age is a comic book store located on 497 Pape Ave selling a variety of comics, trading cards, and collectables. (Natalie Budhu/ Toronto Observer)

Fans are divided in regards to Madame Web’s success. Many are speculating that the film will reign in under $40 million during its opening weekend. A suspense- driven thriller following the origin story of one of Marvel’s most iconic characters, Madame Web is said to break the mold for superhero film genres.

Raider- Gingrich hopes the movie is good, as he states that Sony had issues in the past.

“Their choice of characters can sometimes be weird, Madame Web not necessarily as she’s more well known, but their movies are generally hit or miss. Assuming it does well, and is actually a decent movie, I think it would be a good thing for female representation in films.”

Vikram Ranchan is a Marvel fan of 22 years as well as an aspiring film critic. He says, “All genders need representation and someone to look up to. We should be targeting movies towards women because targeting this demographic is an important turning point in society.”

The female perspective

Madame Web is a stand alone film with no connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or previous Sony Pictures’ films. The premise for this film was to represent the superhero world from a female perspective, something that’s rarely been done. According to Ranchan, it’s quite important.

“The last few female superhero movies have been good but they haven’t reflected that in the box office. With Madame Web, it contains four lead women. They are all from different backgrounds. Madame Web is hitting multiple points in terms of diversity and representation for a movie. Hopefully people will actually go and watch it.”

Madame Web has always been a beloved character due to her psychic abilities and connection to Spider- Man. Madame Web becoming a lead character instead of a supporting character is long overdue.  

“Having a role model for younger kids is really important and there needs to be more representation for female characters, heroes, and protagonists,” said Raider- Gingrich.  

Madame Web swings into theaters on Feb. 14.  

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