For The Girls TO aims to bring women together across Toronto

One Toronto based entrepreneur hopes to empower women in an engaging environment

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For The Girls Toronto aims to make more community for women.  

A women-led social club in Toronto holds events for women from all over the city to talk, share, and highlight the experiences of women.

For The Girls TO focuses on creating meet ups for women to improve their mental health and well-being in a safe environment.

The club hosts regular events with women brands and businesses from different aspects of life.

“I found that there was a noticeable gap in the support of women’s businesses,” said founder Le-Rica Mitchell.

Mitchell, an event and business manager, started the club at the start of this year, and said it is about more than just being social.

Le-Rica Mitchell, founder of ForTheGirls TO
Le-Rica Mitchell is the founder of ForTheGirls TO. (Courtesy Le-Rica Mitchell)

The club’s goal is to invite women from different places, giving a chance for them to network and to connect with other women, in addition to giving more women-owned brands more exposure.

The club is free for all to join, providing a newsletter of all previous and upcoming events.

New members can join by signing up for it.

The club’s Instagram account posts updates on when and where the next event will be held, as well as a chance for women-owned businesses to have their brand promoted.

After launching on Jan. 4, Mitchell said the launch event was bigger than expected.

Called the Galentine’s Cake and Sip event, an overwhelming amount of people showed up, according to Mitchell.

“We had oversold our tickets,” said Mitchell.

Catering to girls 16 and older

The age range for the club is 16+. Some events will be marked as 19+ if required.

Mitchell said the age range is to teach young girls how to network and connect at a young age, in hopes it will be easier to start a women-owned business.

“Some of these girls might have social anxiety,” Mitchell said.

Data from a 2021 Canadian Social Survey done by Statistics Canada shows young women were reported to feel more lonelier than men.

Fifteen per cent of women 15 and older across Canada felt lonelier during the pandemic, in addition to younger people already feeling the same effects.

Most of the high data came from communities of colour, with 11 per cent of Black people, and 13 per cent being South Asian.

Reaching out to other women-owned brands

Cupcake, photography, and jewelry businesses aren’t the only brands the club wants to collaborate with.

ForTheGirls TO would also love to collaborate with makeup brands, such as Maybeline.

“Maybeline is my favourite foundation,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said trying to get people to respond to her emails for brand opportunities has been the biggest roadblock.

“Most of the time I get no response,” said Mitchell.

Other women’s clubs and organizations

ForTheGirlsTO isn’t the only women’s club in Toronto. There are multiple organizations across the city, including The Women’s Canadian Club of Toronto.

The club focuses on promoting Canadian identity, foster an interest in public affairs, and cultivating an attachment to Canadian institutions.

Members are invited to lunch, outings, and for their speaking series happening annually.

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