Articles by Joseph Burrell

Syrian migrants running The Newcomer Kitchen - making authentic levantine dishes to make a living

Syrian migrant stars of food and film scene

There are few experiences as universal as the feeling of elation that comes from eating a warm, home-cooked meal. For a group of recently settled Syrian women in Toronto, that feeling allowed them to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers to create a community united by food.

Rotting sign advertising rentals at 500 Dawes

Nightmare at 500 Dawes

Jennifer Reid has lived at 500 Dawes Rd. in East York since 2015. For her, it has been nothing but a nightmare. When she first moved in, the screen door to her balcony was broken. It still has yet to be repaired, in 2017.

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Crooning with Q’s newest host

Tom Power’s grandparents were born in Newfoundland before it became a Canadian province. Through his family, Power learned an appreciation for traditional Irish folk music, but through that love of music, he discovered legends like Leonard Cohen, Neil Young and k.d. lang. He credits Canadian music as a key factor inspiring his admiration for the country his family now belongs to.