Articles by Kasy Pertab

Christmas carollers in Leaside

Carolling makes a comeback in Leaside

The Northlea United Church has brought back its Christmas caroling event for the second year in a row. Members of the community came out to celebrate the holiday spirit, including local children and their pets. 

The group first met at the church around 6:30 p.m. where music sheets were handed out and band members warmed up before heading out. The route started at Killdeer Cres and ended at Aerodome Cres in the Leaside area. 

The Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Exhibition located on Front St. outside of Union Station.

A Journey Through the History of Louis Vuitton

It’s big, it’s stackable, and it can hold all of your personal belongings. One man set out to create trunks that were easy to stack, but he didn’t stop there. Louis Vuitton is now one of the biggest fashion brands in the world, and a taste of its history was revealed to Toronto. 

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Syrian refugee family about to move into permanent home in East York

Two former producers from the CBC are busy collecting furniture to help “their” family of Syrian refugees move to an apartment in Crescent Town in Toronto’s East end on June 1, 2017.
Jim Handman and his wife Renee Pellerin are a part of a Toronto sponsorship group called Kensington Assistance for Refugees.

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Toronto writers draw inspiration from fellow artists

It’s small, black and bound with leather. A couple of pages are torn, and there are a few ink smudges here and there, but most of the work inside consists of scribbles. It sometimes even gets lost. Cavel Janel has carried this journal around since she was a teenager, and last month she took it to a library in Toronto. “It has all of my best and worst work in it,” Janel said. “I take it with me wherever I go. Whenever I feel like I have an idea about a story, I know I can just take it out and write in it.”