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Commuter at train station

Trauma by the tracks

TTC commuters are accustomed to delays on the subway, which are sometimes caused by suicides on the tracks. Though for most commuters the announcement might result in being late for work or school, some have the misfortune of witnessing a suicide. This can translate into either shock or trauma. People suffering in the aftermath of witnessing suicides have found refuge in online forums, with many coalescing on Reddit. The social media forum features posts from witnesses to TTC suicides.

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York West councillor claims Spadina subway extension far too late

The councilor for the region that will one day be served by the Spadina subway extension says the whole project is 20 years too late. On Friday, the Toronto Transit Commission confirmed that the six-stop construction of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE) from Downsview Station to Vaughan is $150 million over budget and may not open until 2017. The project’s original budget was $2.5 billion and it was supposed to open in 2015. The cost overrun will be split between Toronto ($90 million) and York Region ($60 million). Coun. Anthony Perruzza represents York West (Ward 8) where the TYSSE is being built. “I would have very much liked it to have been open sooner,” Perruzza said.

One-person subway operation may jeopardize safety, critics say

By the end of 2016, new subway trains on the Sheppard Subway Line will have only one operator, but some critics question the safety of the system. The TTC board approved a pilot project that would have one TTC operator controlling both the doors and train movement, instead of two.

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TTC fuel spill: from the riders’ point of view

TTC riders are still reeling from Tuesday’s disastrous commute. The Yonge Line was closed Tuesday morning because of an environmental spill near College Station, leaving thousands of commuters waiting for shuttle buses. TTC riders, who…

TTC’s suspicious fuel spill cleaned up at College Station

Kate Jordan, the spokesperson for Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, said Wednesday the TTC’s College Station underground leak has been stopped and the spill has been cleaned up. “The material was vacuumed up and removed from the site and the area was power washed,” Jordan said. “Ministry staff were on hand to oversee this work and make sure it was done properly.”

TTC CEO impresses commuters: PR expert

North of College, track-level. Leak is oil-like, unsafe to operate. Planning to grout tunnel joints. Update to follow — Brad Ross (@bradTTC) March 24, 2015 TTC CEO Andy Byford is living up to his…