Lake Ontario

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Park enthusiast wonders how public will get to new Don Valley super park

A regular visitor to Evergreen Brick Works says she wants the city to consult the public about improving transit to the city’s proposed new super park site.

At a press conference, Tuesday, Toronto Mayor John Tory announced that the city will begin work on creating the Don River Valley Park. This new park will become the second largest in the city and incorporate the Evergreen Brick Works site.

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Mayor says co-operation the key to new Don River Valley super park

Toronto’s mayor says a planned Don Valley River super park will depend on a lot of civic co-operation.

At a Tuesday press conference at the Evergreen Brick Works, Mayor John Tory said that plans for the park will allow more accessible features to the green space extending from the Don River Valley to Lake Ontario. Donors and volunteers, such as Tim Price, chair of the Ontario Arts Foundation, and Kenneth Tanenbaum, vice-chair of the Kilmer Group, have pledged funding to the project. Mayor Tory addressed the issue of co-operation in the plan.

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New Don Valley park supporters emphasize importance of private donors

The chair of the planned Don River Valley super park says that private donors have an obligation to support the project.

Andy Chisholm, a board member for Evergreen Brick Works and chair of the Don River Valley Park initiative, spoke at a press conference at the Brick Works on Tuesday. He acknowledged the private donors and described the significance of private investment in this project.

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Park enthusiast says Don River Valley needed facelift years ago

A Toronto hiker believes plans to revitalize the Don River Valley are long overdue.

On Tuesday, during a press conference at the Evergreen Brick Works, Mayor John Tory and Evergreen Brick Works announced details of a new Don River Valley Park. They referred to the project as the “super park,” which will stretch from the Brick Works south to Lake Ontario, making it, when completed, the second largest park in Toronto.

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Workshop poses solutions to troubled Highland watershed

Community members are banding together to provide eco-friendly solutions to Highland Creek’s water drainage issues. The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) asked Scarborough residents to attend several workshops last weekend where they helped identify ways the community can remedy issues experienced in some neighbourhoods by Highland Creek.

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Committee votes to keep wind gauge on Lake Ontario

Despite local opposition to the city’s installation of a wind gauge offshore at the Scarborough bluffs, the anemometer will remain in Lake Ontario until fall of 2012. Responding to some of his constituents’ concerns, during a meeting of executive committee at Toronto city hall on Tuesday, Scarborough East Coun. Paul Ainslie had proposed to remove the device. However, Coun. David Shiner worried that removal of the device would waste more money.

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Scarborough Bluffs a not-so-secret surf spot

On windy mornings in the fall at the Scarborough Bluffs, one may happen to see a group of neoprene-clothed surfers bobbing in the lake while waiting to catch a wave. Occasionally, passersby will see a surfer riding a wave towards the shore.