Norm Kelly

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Stick to city planning instead of what happened a million years ago

Coun. Norm Kelly found himself the butt of jokes this past week, by sharing his thoughts on global warming. Kelly informed fellow councillors during a meeting that “global warming will bring more trees.” Kelly made the comments in response to Coun. Raymond Cho, arguing that climate change would reduce the city’s forest canopy.

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Ash trees face invading beetle

In 10 years, 80 percent of the trees in Guildwood Village will be gone, Toronto parks and recreation chair Norm Kelly says. That’s because they’re ash trees and are under attack by a foreign enemy.

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Local MPP Gerry Phillips not seeking re-election

Scarborough-Agincourt MPP Gerry Phillips announced his retirement on March 25. “I love the job, it is very rewarding,” he said. “But having to commit to another four years in office entails a lot of time and effort. I am not prepared to make that kind of commitment.”