Scarborough Town Centre

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She sells poppies to honour her father

It’s rush hour. Amid the buzz of conversation and crush of passersby at Scarborough Town Centre, Sarah MacIntosh sits at a table adorned with red poppies. “My father belonged to the army. He was… in World War II and I just carry on his legacy,” she said.

Cast of The Next Step performs at Scarborough Town Centre

The air was electric at the Scarborough Towne Centre square on Oct. 19 as the space filled with hundreds of kids and parents waiting to see their TV idols from The Next Step.

The cast of Family Channel’s hit TV show arrived as part of their cross-country tour called the The Next Step Hit the Floor Tour.

New Bollywood dance troupe perform at Toronto Mela

They came together just two months ago. Then it was a family wedding. On this day it was centre stage at Toronto Mela Summer Festival held at Scarborough Town Centre. The informal Bollywood dance troupe Suriyakumar and her cousins formed were part of an event hosted by Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) on Sept. 7.