St. James Cathedral

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East Yorkers remember personal gifts in Ford’s legacy

Grace Guarnieri never really knew Rob Ford, but she says he still left a lasting impression on her. In a phone conversation, some time ago, the owner of Second Elegance on Pape Avenue mentioned to the then mayor that her father was ill. Subsequently, Ford phoned back to ask if there was anything he could do.

“That’s epic. Who remembers that?” Guarnieri said. “I mean, just that act was consolation enough,” she said. “It was just him doing what he loved to do.”

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Royal Canadian Regiment remembers

He is preparing for the future, but military trainee Michael Daniel understands the importance of the past. “You remember people have fought and died for the freedom of their country,” he said.

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Occupy protest like having ‘nice people’ camped out in your backyard

As the Occupy Toronto protest enters its third week, some questions are being raised about the effect on the neighbourhood near the protest’s St. James Park campsite. Reverend Douglas Stoute, the Dean and Rector of St. James’ Cathedral, which sits within the occupied park, said the campers have actually been respectful of the grounds and the community.