Royal Canadian Regiment remembers

He is preparing for the future, but military trainee Michael Daniel understands the importance of the past.

“You remember people have fought and died for the freedom of their country,” he said.

Daniel, 24, attended the Royal Regiment of Canada mass and parade in honour of Remembrance Day. The Nov. 6 observance took place at St. James Cathedral in downtown Toronto. Held every year, the event includes wreath-laying in honour of those who have lost their lives in battle in Canada’s past wars.

Daniel is currently training in New Brunswick and came to support his unit and to watch the parade as a spectator.

The act of honouring those who are in the service held special meaning for those in attendance. Trooper Cash Taylor, 33, was one of many spectators who attended the St. James service and watched the parade.

“This parade is our unit. We are celebrating a beautiful thing,” Taylor said.

Following the mass, the Royal Canadian Regiment marched down Jarvis Street as more and more spectators watched. Daniel believes there is a special bond among the troops.

“It’s … a brotherhood, a union,” he said. “You are fighting for the person beside you in the trenches. You are fighting to make sure your brother beside you stays alive. You make sure that you come back together,” Daniel said.

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By: Nikkie Pulsone
Posted: Nov 7 2011 12:00 pm
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