East York residents take stand against Alt-Right posters

Farah Mawani couldn’t stand idly by. She had to act.

“All of these incidents hit very close to home,” she said.

On Nov. 19, during a public meeting at the Stan Wadlow Park in East York, she spoke in response to the appearance of white supremacy posters on park property.

East Yorker gives back and brings out the fans

For a while the bleachers at Stan Wadlow Park sat empty during East York Senior Baseball home games. Thanks in part to Adam Panagopka, that’s changed. “We brought that East York spirit back,” he said. Now there are couples in the stands, parents and kids eating ice cream and cheering support for the team. A fourth place finish at provincials – thanks to volunteer coach Panagopka and the rest of the coaching staff – has a lot to do with it.