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When two racers become one

In a symbol of international friendship, two racers crossed the finish line hand-in-hand, even though each of their racing suits sported a different country’s colour.

Allison Jones from the U.S. and Alyda Norbruis of Netherlands finished fourth and fifth in the women’s road race C1-2-3 on Friday.

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Journalist says cultural competence bridges racial gaps

At first, the racial slur his former boss made about him didn’t bother him. It had been 17 years since Hamlin Grange had worked with him at the Toronto Star. That’s when another working colleague, John Miller, told him about the derogatory remark.

“My wife knew something (had) changed inside me,” Grange said. “She said I looked vulnerable, as if I’d lost something. … She was right.”

This was a defining moment in Grange’s career. He went on to report and anchor on Global TV and CBC TV, and eventually to co-create DiversiPro Inc., a company dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion.