Five-time winner McKay sails to another victory – Scarborough Guildwood

By Amanda Huynh, Eric Heino, Matt Mitchell and Annesha Hutchinson

John McKay was all smiles as the final numbers came in Oct. 14.

As he watched CTV predict his victory in Scarborough Guildwood, the Liberal incumbent was happily commenting on the quality of photo the television network was using of him

With over a 20% lead, McKay won his fifth term with over 50% of the vote. The Conservative’s Chuck Konkel trailed behind with 29% and the New Democrat’s Sania Khan with 15%.

McKay repeated his big victory from 2006.

“I have a level of personal satisfaction,” said McKay, outside his headquarters. “I think it’s fairly significant to be returned five times in a row by your electorate.”

On the other hand, McKay admitted to being “distressed” by the national results that had the Liberals well back in second.

“That’s not a happy situation,” he said. “I think myself and the Liberal party will have to do some soul searching and figure out where we go from here.”

McKay says for whatever reason the Liberal party has lost its position as the party of fiscal sanity.

The numbers from this riding were fairly consistent with those from the 2006 election, with most parties experiencing only a small gain.

“I thought we would’ve done better, but the public has spoken,” said a visibly emotional Chuck Konkel, the 58-year-old Conservative candidate left his local headquarters when it appeared evident his opponent would take the riding, and drove to McKay’s office to give his concession speech.

“We could’ve used a little more education, a little more involvement, a little more outreach and I’ll probably contest again.”

Despite his loss, Konkel said he was, “invigorated by the race.”

NDP candidate, Sania Khan, 23, spent the day driving people around and talking to supporters. She says she has been so busy this past month and feels rather numb.
“I don’t know what I should be feeling, like excitement, or sad, or happy,” she said. “I have like no feelings, I’m not feeling anything.”

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