OPSEU rejects college’s final offer

Although neither side has walked away from the bargaining table, tensions are rising in the province’s college labour dispute.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union has rejected Ontario’s College Compensation and Appointments Council’s “final offer.”

In an urgent report issued Wednesday, the colleges put forth what they are calling their last offer, stating that, “the colleges have offered everything they can afford and accept. This is the colleges’ final offer.”

OPSEU has rejected the colleges’ offer and the council has requested that the union allow for the faculty to vote on the issue to decide if they wish to accept or reject the offer.

The colleges have issued an offer that includes a decrease in contract length from four to three years, a 5.9 per cent increase in salary over three years, as well as a withdrawal of proposals regarding life insurance, sick leave and probation.

The rejection of this offer has brought the possibility of a strike one step closer for the students and faculty of Centennial College and all other Ontario colleges.

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By: Sarah Moore
Posted: Jan 29 2010 11:43 am
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