Danforth crushes Borden in easy victory

Ashton Roy danced through Sir Robert L. Borden Business and Technical Institute’s defence for five rushing touchdowns on Oct. 6, leading Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute to an easy 48-0 win.

“I’m playing this for my first year, and I’m starting and getting mad touchdowns,” said Roy. “It feels really good actually.”

The Grade 12 student set the pace early, showing off his incredible speed with a 50-yard touchdown run on the third play of the game.

Danforth took that momentum and never looked back, holding Borden to little or no forward progress and forcing them to either fumble or punt the ball away. By the end of the first half, Danforth led Borden 26-0.

Danforth’s offensive line seemed impenetrable throughout the game.

“As long as we keep practising, we’ll keep getting better and better,” said Genesis Amoral, a member of Danforth’s offence. “We got great blocks, the holes were open and we kept them down at their end zone.”

Although Borden’s players seemed disappointed, the coaches remianed optimistic about the future of football at the school.

“We only have two players that have ever played football before,” said Borden head coach Martin Douglas. “I think every game we’re going to get better, they’re going to start seeing their mistakes and they’ll develop from that.”

Douglas is one of several community coaches from the Toronto Police that have volunteered to help Borden re-establish a football program. Borden hasn’t had a football team for decades, but thanks to a $10,000 donation from the Toronto Argonauts, football’s back at the school.

“We’ve got over 100 years of experience in coaches here,” said Douglas. “It’s just a matter of bringing that knowledge to the students.”

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By: Bradley Featherstone
Posted: Oct 15 2010 8:24 am
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