TTC commission gives Scarborough subway loop another go

Hopefully the wait wont be too long for scarborough riders. 

After delays, talk of a Scarborough subway system is back on track.

On Oct.24, the Toronto Transit Commision asked staff to take another look at the possibility of opening a subway line from Don Mills station to the Scarborough Town Centre, which would  complete the Scarborough subway loop.

“The commission voted to have a fresh look at the subway and what we’re going to have to do,” Coun. John Parker (Ward 25) said.

 Parker said a Scarborough resident shared with council the issues that replacement of the Scarborough RT line would cause. The resident said this includes slower times for travel and shuttle buses as the only means of travel for many years.

“The comment resulted in discussion, with council deciding to put forth an amending motion and look at the whole issue of the subway travel and other alternatives.”

However, Parker adds that the idea of subway transit for Scarborough is currently nothing more than a priority for future development.

“We’re looking at very expensive propositions, so whether people agree if it’s a good idea or not, these propositions are expensive and we don’t have the funding for either,” he said.

Jean-Pierre Boutros is the policy adviser for Coun. Karen Stinz. “What citizens of Scarborough must advocate for is a transit fund devoted to building new transit,” he said.

Since coming into office in 2010, Mayor Rob Ford championed the idea of creating a new Scarborough line, doing away with former plans for Transit City which focused on Light Rail Transit (LRT). Since then, there has been constant debate between creating a new subway system or sticking with the LRT system for Scarborough.

According to Boutros, the battle between the LRT and subway isn’t important. He said the main issue is that Ford has failed to find funding for any kind of transit. Boutros added that Ford still hasn’t come up with an answer since March and it really comes down to one thing: money.

“Without money, stable, predictable, dedicated transit funding – they are always going to remain lines on a map,” Boutros said.

The new report for an updated Scarborough RT line is expected to be turned in by January.

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