USF’s Katherine Pyne a jack of all trades

Versatile Bull more than just a tennis player

Tampa's Katherine Pyne was on hand Wednesday to cheer on the University of South Florida's women tennis team. 

TAMPA, FL — Katherine Pyne can do it all.

Known for her tennis ability, the Tampa native joined the University of South Florida in 2010, seeking stiffer competition after dominating at Lakewood Ranch High School.

However, tennis is just one of many things the 21-year-old is proficient in.

“I did the ballet, I was in the nutcracker when I was younger, I was a cheerleader for three years, I played soccer for a little bit, I can kite board, and I slackline a lot,” she said Wednesday NCAA competition.

“I like playing basically every sport and if you ask anybody, I’m either playing volleyball, paddle board, I run a lot, I do a lot of races like half marathons and all that.”

Pyne will compete at anything, ranging from a competitive game of tennis with one of her three sisters (Lauren, and twins Morgan and Kristen), to entering and winning eating contests, something you wouldn’t expect from someone that’s 5-foot-4.

“People find this kind of interesting, I’m really good at eating and I’ve done a lot of eating competitions, I won a pancake eating contest and my friends and I do things, like we had  a half gallon of ice cream eating competition, so I ate a whole half gallon of ice cream one time. I didn’t finish first, but the person that finished first throw up, so technically I won,” she laughed.

Hectic schedule

Given her hectic schedule, Pyne hasn’t seen as much action as she would have liked over the last half season with the USF Bulls.

“I’m very focused with school. I had three jobs last summer, I had an internship, I gave tennis lessons, and I was a waitress at a restaurant, so it was really hard to get out,” she said. “I never knew when I’d be working and it’s hard to plan matches and things and that set me back [in tennis], but I’m getting back into it and am focusing on getting my game back.”

Where other players facing similar circumstances may have been discouraged, Pyne remains positive.

“I’m not competing right now, but I’m still happy with training and being around and cheering for my team and enjoying where I am right now,” she said.

“I had the opportunity to be on the USF team, which is absolutely amazing because were really good for a big university, so it’s super exciting being here playing or not.”

Overall her grades are excellent. She’s never earned less than a B and in one course she ranked seventh in a class of over 500 students.

Pyne plans to get her personal training certification later this summer and hopes to work in sports broadcasting once she completes her degree in mass communications.

“I’m always doing something, I’m one of those people that’s go, go, go, like I hate just sitting around.”

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