Popular music-streaming service Spotify launches in Canada

Canada will be the 58th country to receive Spotify

The popular music streaming service Spotify has finally arrived in Canada.

The launch of the six-year-old American website happened on Tuesday morning. The Canadian service currently offers over 20 million songs and seems to have much of the same content that’s available in the US.

Spotify offers unlimited music streaming for non-subscribers, but a monthly $10 payment gives access to extra features like higher quality streaming and offline listening.

For its Canadian launch, Spotify said it included a full suite of Quebecois music and curated Canadian playlists.

Canada is the 58th country to get Spotify. The streaming service was part of a host of popular internet services not available in Canada, like Hulu and much of Netflix’s movie and TV selection.

Spotify joins a market already saturated with music streaming websites, including Rdio, Google Play Music, and, for most users, YouTube.

“I don’t really care [about Spotify’s launch],” said Toronto resident Patricia D’Silva who uses 8tracks to stream music. “The alternatives have been around for years, and I think most people in Canada who want to stream music are already invested in one of them.”

According to the organization, however, it’s the largest music-streaming service in the world with 40 million active users.

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By: Jasun Singh
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Posted: Sep 30 2014 10:34 am
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