VIDEO: Toronto Mayor John Tory’s first budget; ‘Toronto better on its own’

Will look elsewhere for funding to cover shortfall, rather than a line of credit from Queen's Park

Denice Raagas photo

John Tory unveils his plan to combat the $86 million dollar hole, at a press conference at city hall.







When Mayor John Tory pitched his first budget proposal on Jan. 20, he wasn’t expecting an $86 million dollar hole. Now, the mayor has been offered a line of credit instead. As he tries to make adjustments to the budget, he has decided that Toronto will be better off on its own. Toronto Observer reporter Denice Raagas has the story.


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By: Denice Raagas
Copy editor: Domenic Nunziata
Posted: Feb 23 2015 3:31 pm
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  1. David Truth | March 2, 2015 at 6:52 pm |

    Wynne retracted the offer when he didn’t disclose the offer (interest) in the budget and made it seem like it was a no interest loan. Currently even if he asked the Province for 86 million they would not lend it. Plus we are not hearing about his trip to Ottawa to get money from the feds for his stupid track, opps smart track, OK he says, how about giving my friends 2 million dollar research project to see if my idea will work, out of 9 billion it’s a drop in the bucket. What happens when the 2 million dollar drop turns into 1000 drops. Astronomical drops of money and nothing getting done. Ohh how I wish Ford didn’t get cancer.

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