City ombudsman announces resignation

Crean not seeking reappointment after mid-November

Ombudsman Fiona Crean is resigning partway into John Tory's term as mayor.

Ombudsman Fiona Crean is resigning partway into John Tory’s term as mayor.

Fiona Crean, the woman who has seen the city through the Rob Ford
roller-coaster, becoming his biggest critic, will not be continuing with Mayor John Tory’s administration after mid-November.

After nearly six years in office, Toronto Ombudsman Crean will be stepping down.

“My intention [is] not to seek a renewed term beyond November 16, 2015,” Crean said in a statement on Monday.

Council was to discuss this week Crean’s reappointment for another five-year term.

But Crean said the debate of her reappointment could hurt her office and “its effort to ensure fairness for residents.”

Crean’s resignation coincides with the annual report revealing there has been a 129 per cent increase in filed complaints since the opening of her office in 2009.

“We continue to have more complaints from seniors, people who are poor, people seeking subsidized programs, people with disabilities and diminished capacity,” Crean said in her statement.

Mayor Tory also released a statement thanking Crean for her term in office and her service to Torontonians.

“Her investigations and the recommendations that she…submitted to Council have helped to make City Hall function in a more fair, transparent and accountable way to the benefit of our citizens and our government,” he said.

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