Man escapes car in sinkhole

Ground gave way in west-end parking lot

The ground gave way in the west end early Wednesday morning pulling a car and driver down with it.

Mario Tavares escaped through the window of his car after it fell into the sinkhole.

Once he was safe and back on solid ground with no injuries, he called 311 for assistance.

Tavares, owner of a building in the Black Creek Drive and Eglinton Avenue area, was driving in to work but first went to check out what looked like a broken water main. He saw water and sand in the parking lot, and when he drove over to get a better look his car suddenly sank.

As a precaution, the building was shut down for the day, along with another nearly building  which was evacuated. City inspectors are expected at the scene to determine whether or not the building is safe to re-open.

The cause of the sinkhole was questioned due to ongoing construction of the Eglinton LRT that began in early March. Anna Marie Aikins from Metrolinx, confirms the construction taking place about half a kilometre from the scene is not related to this morning’s incident.

“The sinkhole has nothing to do with across town. We were closed off for a couple days because of a suspected sinkhole, but it’s not very close to there.”

Police are still advising drivers to be cautious while driving in the area.

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By: Dannika Russell
Copy editor: Ashleen Grange
Posted: Apr 4 2015 8:59 am
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