Canadian company dumps your partner for a small fee


The Breakup Shop will do your dirty work for you by ending a relationship.

We are the generation that turns to social media and technology for everything, apparently even  breakups.

The Breakup Shop is an online store that dumps your significant other for no less than $10. This new franchise was created by two Canadian brothers who will handle the ending of a relationship for you. Their services offer options such as a breakup text or sending your soon-to-be ex a Netflix gift card.

Hiring a service to do the work for you may seem a little harsh, so why would someone use it?

“It takes courage to face someone and say something that may be hard for them to hear,” said marriage counselor Tammy Laber. “However for both themselves and the other person, I don’t think this is the way to go.”

Even though social media is getting more popular as a tool for ending relationships, Laber teaches her clients how to end things right.

“I would coach them and tell them the appropriate thing to say,” she said. “And role play with them till they felt comfortable saying something in person.”

Drew Knight, 22, had his experience with dating apps but said he would not use an app to dump a partner.

“I think that’s really heartless actually,” he said. “If you want to break up with someone, they deserve it in person, not delivered as some sort of joke.”

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By: Deidra Barton and Connor Atkinson
Posted: Dec 17 2015 10:33 am
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