Beloved 16-year-old lion dies at Toronto Zoo

Pathologists suspect cause of death pancreatic cancer

lion dies
The lion Jerroh died during an emergency treatment that had to be performed because of his deteriorating health. Photo courtesy Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo announced Wednesday its beloved tawny African lion, Jerroh, has died due to what pathologists suspect to be pancreatic cancer.

The 16-year-old lion was anaesthetized for emergency treatments as it was having health complications in recent days. It died during the procedure.

“He had severe anemia, an abnormal pancreas and an enlarged spleen,” according to a statement from the zoo.

Pathologists are conducting more tests to confirm the cause of death.

Jerroh was born on July 14, 2000. It was larger than the average lion, weighing 260 kilograms. The lion is remembered as being “very patient and tolerant” toward its brother, Lyndy.

The Toronto Zoo asked Facebook users to share memories of Jerroh by posting photos of him in the comments section from their previous visits. The post has gained nearly 3,000 likes with patrons sharing photos, expressing love for Jerroh and extending condolences to the zoo.

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Posted: Nov 17 2016 2:20 pm
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