Patience & progress: Part of the process for Orioles prospect

Outfielder Braylin Tavera looking for a big 2024 season

Braylin Tavera Baltimore Orioles prospect
Strong and disciplined Orioles prospect Braylin Tavera looks to the upcoming season and future of his career. (Photo: Dylan Nazareth) 

SARASOTA, Fla. – In baseball, patience is a virtue.

Baltimore Orioles outfield prospect Braylin Tavera is oozing with it when he steps up to bat.

“I’m always waiting for a good pitch, waiting for a good pitch, and then choosing one to take a hack at,” he said, speaking through a translator.

Last season in the Florida Complex League, Tavera walked 22 times while only striking out 23 times in 107 at-bats. This has garnered interest from Baltimore’s management, including newly appointed Director of Player Development Anthony Villa.

“In 2022, he was in the Dominican Summer League and showed great plate discipline, but the contact rates were a little low,” Villa said. “This past season the contact rates really shot up which made for a really nice offensive season where he had plate discipline and some contact and power to go about with it.”

Braylin Tavera Baltimore Orioles prospect
Off the field, Tavera smiles and jokes around with his teammates. (Photo: Dylan Nazareth)

Since signing with the team two years ago for a franchise-record bonus of US $1.7 million, the 19-year-old has continued to improve his game on the field and at the plate, and he has no intention of stopping now.

“I’ve pretty much worked on improving everything for this season,” Tavera said. “My defensive work, my bat work, my foot work. I’m really just focused on pretty much every area I can this off-season.”

Tavera may be young, but his sights are set high and he’s not shy to share it.

“I want to make a name for myself. My goal, obviously, is to get to the majors and have all the fans and support behind me so that I become a household name.”

Outside of baseball, Tavera spends his time at the beach with friends and trying different cuisines. His favourite meal is Moro de Habichuelas, a popular Dominican dish made of rice and beans.

Has he found good Dominican food in Florida? “No. My favourite restaurant here is Chipotle,” he said, smirking.

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