Teen Orioles outfielder looks to climb prospect ladder

Baltimore Orioles prospect Thomas Sosa stands at home plate during a live-batting practice at bat.
Baltimore Orioles prospect Thomas Sosa takes live batting practice while attempting to hit the ball 110 MPH, like he did last season. Photo By: Aidan Cowling-McDonnell 

SARASOTA, Fla. – Thomas Sosa is working hard to build off a successful second minor-league season with the Baltimore Orioles.

As a 17-year-old in the Dominican Summer League, he was weighed down by a .201 batting average and 42 strikeouts in 139 at-bats.

But in the Florida Complex League last year, his numbers jumped: a .290 batting average with 25 runs batted in over 39 games.

“My goal this year is to finish the season in Double-A,” said Sosa, through an interpreter at the club’s minor league facility. “I was able to achieve the goal I proposed to myself last year, which was to hit a ball as hard as 110 mph, and I’m hoping to accomplish the 2024 goal.

It’s all about being ready.

“I think I had a good off-season this year, and I’m trying to prepare for not just this upcoming season, but my whole career. The main thing for me is to work on my consistency, and to show off the work I’m putting in on the field.”

Thomas Sosa poses beside a sign that reads Buck O'Neil Baseball Complex.
Sosa is seen exiting the field after a long day of Spring Training workouts.

Sosa, 19, began playing baseball when he was seven years old. He credits his father and trainer, Robert Santiago, for supporting him before he began playing in the United States and says the Orioles organization has been equally supportive with his transition from the Caribbean.

“I feel great with the organization. They treat me well, and I just feel great overall,” Sosa said. “I realize that a lot of people wish to have the opportunity I have, so I’m very grateful.”

Sosa is a left-handed batter who plays both left- and centre-field. When asked about his biggest strengths on the field, he kept his answer simple: “Hitting the ball. I also really like to throw the ball and show off my arm.”

Anthony Villa, Baltimore Orioles Director of Player Development, has noticed Sosa’s growth and is excited to see him build on last season’s success.

“Sosa’s come a long way. He’s a big, physical kid that continues to grow into his body and gain some coordination,” Villa said. “We saw a really nice year in the Florida Complex League last year, and that power potential really started to show up in games.”

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Posted: Mar 6 2024 9:54 am
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