March breakers hit the beach amidst record-breaking warm winter

Toronto is experiencing its warmest winter ever

4 kids on the swings at a playground with the beach in the background
Fun in the sun on a winter day. (Ryan Donahue/Toronto Observer) 

People are trading in their skates for skateboards. In the midst of March break, people headed outside during the warmest winter on record in Toronto. Woodbine Beach and its neighbouring East York parks were full of activity throughout the week as families enjoyed the good weather.

Known for being a transition from winter to spring, March has been more one-sided this year. Those still looking for some winter fun found activities such as outdoor skating or tobogganing tough to come by.

Kew Garden ice rink is empty
Kew Gardens ice rink. (Ryan Donahue/Toronto Observer)
Riverdale Park East ice rink is closed with yellow tape surrounding  the rink
Riverdale Park East ice rink. (Ryan Donahue/Toronto Observer)
Broadview Hill is without snow and people sitting in the sun
The hill at Riverdale Park, a common place for tobogganing, is occupied by those looking to enjoy the afternoon sun. (Ryan Donahue/Toronto Observer)
Kids walk in a single file along the beach
A March break trek along Woodbine Beach. (Ryan Donahue/Toronto Observer)
4 kids on the swings at a playground with the beach in the background
Kids take to the swings at the beachside park. (Ryan Donahue/Toronto Observer)
A group of boys playing volleyball as one of them prepares to hit the ball
A group of friends hit the beach for a game of volleyball underneath the bright blue sky. (Ryan Donahue/Toronto Observer)
A bunch of people skateboarding at Beach Skate Park
Across the street at Beach Skate Park, skaters enjoy the warm weather. (Ryan Donahue/Toronto Observer)

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Posted: Mar 16 2024 9:00 am
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