Commuter at train station

Trauma by the tracks

TTC commuters are accustomed to delays on the subway, which are sometimes caused by suicides on the tracks. Though for most commuters the announcement might result in being late for work or school, some have the misfortune of witnessing a suicide. This can translate into either shock or trauma. People suffering in the aftermath of witnessing suicides have found refuge in online forums, with many coalescing on Reddit. The social media forum features posts from witnesses to TTC suicides.

Ward 6 contenders say incumbent’s transit pledge not fulfilled

Getting around his corner of the city is harder than it should be, says Russ Ford. “Transit services down here are extremely poor,” the Ward 6 council candidate said. It’s a problem CivicAction decided to tackle though its Pledge to Get a Move On, which asks those who sign on to support Metrolinx’s Big Move plan.

Scarborough commuters get smart

Map of Smart Commute programs Smart Commute announced its expansion into Scarborough at the University of Toronto Scarborough’s (UTSC) second annual Eco Summit on April 12. The group is bringing car pooling and other services to the area in an effort to reduce commute times for local drivers, executive director Glenn Gomulka told the conference. The […]