Scarborough Bluffs

High Park's Maple Leaf Garden

Top three places to see fall foliage in Toronto

You don’t have to travel miles away to a provincial park just to get a chance to view the colourful fall leaves this season. Right in the heart of Toronto you will be able to see these magnificent fall colours. All you need is to dedicate a lovely afternoon, a good pair of hiking shoes and that cup of pumpkin spice latte to keep you warm during your city adventure.

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Living on the edge

Gary Crawford grew up in the Scarborough area and is now the city councillor for Ward 36, which covers Bluffer’s Park. Ever since he was a teenager, he remembers stories of people scaling the sides of the Scarborough Bluffs or venturing close to the edge to experience the majestic views. “This is something that has been going on for generations,” Crawford says.

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Scarborough firefighters are living on the edge

People wandering too close to the edge of the cliffs is an ongoing issue that tends to happen in spring and summer, says Gary Crawford, councilor for ward 36. Although the city has put both signs and fences up to keep people away from the eroding cliffs, there are always those who take the risk.

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Committee votes to keep wind gauge on Lake Ontario

Despite local opposition to the city’s installation of a wind gauge offshore at the Scarborough bluffs, the anemometer will remain in Lake Ontario until fall of 2012. Responding to some of his constituents’ concerns, during a meeting of executive committee at Toronto city hall on Tuesday, Scarborough East Coun. Paul Ainslie had proposed to remove the device. However, Coun. David Shiner worried that removal of the device would waste more money.

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Scarborough Bluffs a not-so-secret surf spot

On windy mornings in the fall at the Scarborough Bluffs, one may happen to see a group of neoprene-clothed surfers bobbing in the lake while waiting to catch a wave. Occasionally, passersby will see a surfer riding a wave towards the shore.