1. Wow, what a terrible deal for Canadians. This agreement cedes Canadian autonomy, sovereignty, and jurisdiction to the United States. It is shameful that the Conservative government agreed to these terms.

    I relinquished my US citizenship more than a decade ago when I proudly swore out Canadian citizenship. How will the government guarantee my private banking information won’t accidentally be passed over to the US given my former, severed ties to the US?

    What’s next? Will the US start demanding that Canada and other sovereign nations hand over income information (think T4s) on “possible US persons?”

    The nightmare never ends. Parliament should not agree to the FATCA IGA.

  2. That is the best article I have read on this subject. It is precise and to the point. If it were not for the abomination which is citizenship based taxation, America would not be doing this. Citizenship based taxation is a very old law from 150 years ago which was made to punish those who fled the Civil War. Double taxing people is a punishment. What is the crime now that makes this law justified?

  3. FATCA, designed to hinder tax evasion, forces American-Canadian residents to file taxes with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
    WORSE: Forces all American Citizens Residents Abroad (not only American-Canadians) to file taxes with IRS

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