The East York Hall of Fame is holding its 2nd ever induction

This year there are five inductees - read on to find out who

east york hall of fame inductees
Some members of the East York Hall of Fame and former Toronto Mayor John Tory at the First ever East York hall of fame ceremony in 2019, where John Candy was the first inductee. 

The East York Hall of Fame is inducting five people from the community in their second-ever ceremony on June 1.

“We want to hear from East Yorkers every year,” said President and Founder of the East York hall of fame Justin Van Dette. “We are very keen about insuring people in East York get recognition for the difference that they make.”

Their first inductee was John Candy, a famous actor who grew up in East York and attended Neil McNeil high school before attending Centennial College to study journalism. Candy died in 1994.

This year, the late Peter Silverman is one of the inductees. He was a well-known television broadcast journalist for Global Television Network and City TV.

Alan Redway, who was a former mayor of East York before it amalgamated with Toronto, is another.

Phillip Anthony, who oversaw the mobile vaccination strategy for Michael Garron Hospital, was recognized by the Toronto Star as one of the 20 COVID-19 vaccine heroes.

The next is Bob “Bottle” MacDonald, who has collected cans and bottles from local residents and then gives the funds back to the community of Topham Park.

And Kam Babulul, who has been the organizer for the last 25 years of the Seniors Christmas Day Dinner, rounds out this year’s inductees.

Inductees receive a plaque at the ceremony. They will be recognized on the website

‘Citizens’ recognition group’

The criteria for being nominated is up to members of the East York community, to choose someone who, as Van Dette said, “makes a valuable difference to our community.”

People submit their nominations through filling out a nomination form on the website.

“I am humbled by being recognized by this award, said Phillip Anthony, the manager of the emergency department at Michael Garron Hospital. “Being born and raised in East York and being able to contribute something back to the community means the world for me and I am really grateful.”

The East York Hall of Fame was created with the sole purpose of recognizing those who gave to the community through charitable work, volunteering and more. “The goal of the hall of fame is to be a Citizens Recognition group,” Van Dette said.

The committee, made up of fellow board members, then decides on who to induct into the hall of fame.

Currently, there are seven board members who make up the East York Hall of Fame.

How EYOH and Agnes Macphail award both honour residents

The first event took place in 2019, but the organizers held off on running another event because “It would not have done the event justice,” said Van dette.

This year’s induction will be held at Jawny Bakers restaurant, 804 O’Connor Drive from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The East York Hall of Fame is similar to the Agnes Macphail award, but has a few differences, the Agnes Macphail award honours individuals of East York who demonstrate volunteer leadership in the community and social justice issues.

The East York Hall of Fame honours individuals for various different reasons, including: Community work, representing East York and making a difference in East York.

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