Experts say child obesity a problem, but solvable

In her book, The Heavy, author Dana-Lynn Weiss recounts an incident in which a mother takes a hot chocolate from her seven-year-old daughter’s hand and throws it into the garbage in front of her. The depiction has generated controversy about childhood dieting. According to Thomas Warshawski, a doctor and chair of the Childhood Obesity Foundation in British Columbia, childhood obesity is a growing problem in Canada. “In 1978 only 15 per cent of children and youth had unhealthy weight as demonstrated by the BMI (Body Mass Index),” Warshawki said. “By 2011 that number had doubled to 30 per cent.”

Scarborough Korean restaurant wraps it in green

In an area famous for shawarma, Koreans are wrapping things up in their own style. Makkal Chon, which opened in 2008, is located at Lawrence Ave. East on Warden Ave. The Scarborough restaurant specializes in Korean food. It is especially well known for ssam-bap which is rice, sauce and meat wrapped in a leafy vegetable.

Toronto East General redefines ‘hospital food’

“Just a simple change like changing the mashed potatoes over to Ontario-fresh mashed potatoes would have a huge impact on the patient clientele,” said Leslie Carson. “We’re basically replacing a frozen entrée type product with a freshly-made Ontario product.”

Stick it to fast food, high school students urge peers

It’s lunch time at York Mills Collegiate Institute. Students looking to satisfy their cravings head to nearby York Mills Shopping Centre. But instead of a pick-me-up, John Joo says, the hungry students get picked apart internally by the fast food served at the plaza.