New Toronto tower LEEDS the pack in commitment to sustainable lifestyle

A new office tower is being built in downtown Toronto. It will stand 43-storeys high, have a green roof and floor-to-ceiling windows on every floor. Besides the lobby, a discrete entrance for bike-riders will lead to a shuttle elevator that will take them to the basement. In this area, ample storage and bike-lockup will be […]

Toronto artist finds fame just a mouse click away

For artist Jamie Bradbury, the chance of a lifetime is just a mouse click away. “If you’re in that gallery, you know that you are a certain caliber of artist,” Bradbury says. “The biggest names in art today are in this gallery.” The gallery Bradbury speaks of is The Saatchi Gallery, a contemporary art gallery […]

Veterinarians, shop owners on frontline of pet-food recall

Pet owners are taking matters into their own hands after a massive pet food recall. Spiralling events starting in mid-March prompted a recall of various wet and dry pet food products. Initially, Menu Foods recalled its “cuts and gravy” wet pet food product. Shortly after, brand name products like Presidents Choice and Iams, both manufactured […]

Exhibition Place powers up with natural gas

A next-generation gas generator recently installed at Toronto’s Exhibition Place has the potential to take the sprawling complex of showrooms and auditoriums off the Ontario energy grid, say municipal officials. The TriGeneration system was unveiled on March 7 at the Direct Energy Centre building. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Toronto Atmospheric Fund granted […]