Ward 29

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East Yorkers remember personal gifts in Ford’s legacy

Grace Guarnieri never really knew Rob Ford, but she says he still left a lasting impression on her. In a phone conversation, some time ago, the owner of Second Elegance on Pape Avenue mentioned to the then mayor that her father was ill. Subsequently, Ford phoned back to ask if there was anything he could do.

“That’s epic. Who remembers that?” Guarnieri said. “I mean, just that act was consolation enough,” she said. “It was just him doing what he loved to do.”

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East York will consider lower speeds on local streets

Toronto and East York Community Council has decided to consider lowering speed limits on local roads. The 12-member council voted unanimously to hold a meeting to discuss the issue on June 22. Council reached the decision at its April 14 meeting.

Jack Aldred, Remembrance Day parade

Jack Aldred: A life of service

The intersection of Carlaw and Mortimer avenues is safer because Jack Aldred cared enough about people to fight for a crosswalk. Aldred, 91, died at his apartment complex on Tuesday following a heart attack. Mary Fragedakis, councillor for Ward 29, (Toronto-Danforth) recognized Aldred’s community service. “He is a great example of civic engagement,” she said. “He gave us all a sense of the problem at the intersection and how it impacts the kids.”

Leigh Davidson, a founder of MoreTrees29, stands by a Ginkgo planted in the fall on Elmsdale Avenue.

Arborist wants citizens to improve East York tree canopy

A Toronto arborist believes the tree canopy in Ward 29 needs attention. In 2009, the city used remote sensing equipment to examine the condition of Toronto’s tree population. The resulting report, called “Every Tree Counts: A Portrait of Toronto’s Urban Forest” (updated in 2013), said Toronto is home to some 10.2 million trees. It also said the city needs to “increase and maintain a sustainable urban forest.” Forestry expert Steve Smith sees evidence of the problem in the Toronto-Danforth ward. “We’re in a part of this city that doesn’t have many trees,” he said. “We need to keep as many of them as we can.”

Fragedakis rolls over rivals

Fragedakis was first elected in 2010. Tonight, she had a clear majority with a total of 59 per cent of the votes. Her closest competition in the race for councillor was Dave Andre, who garnered less than half that.

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Papadakis comeback bid fizzles amid tide for Fragedakis

Incumbent Toronto-Danforth councillor Mary Fragedakis left two rivals with especially high hopes in the dust tonight as she gathered more than 60 per cent of the vote in a six-candidate field. Community activist Dave Andre had run a high-profile campaign, and former East York councillor John Papadakis had hoped for a comeback after serving one term on what was then borough council 20 years ago. Andre came in a poor second, with 25 per cent of the vote. Papadakis came in third, with just under 10 per cent.