Outgoing New Democrat calls for new MP to attend to youth

In his defeat Monday night in Scarborough Southwest, the incumbent called on the victorious Liberal candidate to address constituents’ needs.

Nationally, the Liberals won a majority government and, according to CBC’s Canada Votes site, Bill Blair became the new MP by capturing 51.9 per cent of the vote. NDP incumbent Dan Harris came second with 24 per cent of balloting, with Conservative Roshan Nallaratnam right behind at 21.4 per cent. Harris spoke to his supporters at the Tara Inn, a local pub, and described what issues MP Blair must address

“Scarborough Southwest has some serious needs,” Harris said, “including getting the Second Base Youth Shelter reopened. It’s the only shelter for young people that exists in all of Scarborough, to make sure that young people actually have somewhere to turn when their lives go sideways. So regardless of outcome, I’m going to work to make sure that that gets reopened.”

Liberal supporters of new MP and former Toronto Police Chief, Bill Blair, held their victory party at QSSIS Banquet Hall. In thanking his campaign workers, Blair called for all members of his constituency to come together.

“Let us also reflect and remember, that tomorrow when we wake up, we are all Canadians,” he said. “We must all come together to fulfill the promises that have been made: To fulfill the wishes that have been expressed by the people of this country for their future, for their kids, and for us all to come together and to work together.”

Harris considered his future and whether he might run again.

“That’s definitely a possibility,” he said. “This was an honour and a privilege to serve the last four years.”

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Posted: Oct 20 2015 1:15 am
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  1. Enjoyed the article. It is great to have a forum for prospective Journalists to express current events. I am originally from the GTA but now in Ottawa, the hub of political routine. I like to keep in touch with Toronto. Great work Rose Hetherington.

  2. Enjoyed the article very much. Well balanced and informative. I too hope they reopen the youth centre. Good luck to Bill Blair.

    Steve K

  3. Great article! Dan Harris is the one MP who really got hoodwinked, by the liberals parachuting in Bill Blair.

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